20 Years of Evil

It began about twenty years ago with a group of executives from games company Capcom, who had an idea for the ‘horror survival’ genre. This game was going to be called Biohazard Japan, but as fate would have it, they would not be able to name it that in America as there was a game and a heavy metal band both with the name Biohazard. So the name Resident Evil was born.
In terms of longevity this franchise has to be the grandfather of the horror survival games. Looking back on the gameplay and graphics alone it’s a surprise that it lasted 2 weeks let alone 20 years. Selling some 64 million is quite a return for a franchise. The game has gone through some changes from that original format even a prequel in Resident Evil Zero and the game – with finally improved game play – in Resident Evil 4. Still, throughout the franchise the shock and dimly lit horror still stays true to its foundations.
Resident Evil has also spawned three animated movies and a range of action figures, as well as six action films staring Milla Jovovich in the lead role of Alice, the last of which – Resident Evil the Final Chapter – is due for release in Jan 17.  
Capcom’s idea has managed to stand the test of time and become a true classic and a founder of the horror survival genre. 



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