Jock interview 12/2/16

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I’m extremely excited to say that we have managed to secure a mini-interview with a talented man who needs no introduction. A personal hero of mine, he has been responsible for such classics as Judge Dredd, Green Arrow, Wytches. He also co-illustrated SDGS’s January Recommended Read (and a personal favourite of mine) – Batman – The Black Mirror.

Ladies and Gentlegeeks, we proudly present to you the legendary Jock.


1) Can you give us one little known, interesting fact about yourself?

I once auditioned to play drums for the band The Cure, but didn’t get in. How’s that?


2) Do you have any plans or special events coming up that our readers would be interested in?

This year sees the publication of my first ever art book. Mondo – the poster company that I work a lot for – are moving into publishing and their first project is a collection of my work so far. In comics, movies and posters – covering everything. I’m very proud to be collaborating with them — their quality control is second to none, so really looking forward to sharing the book. We’re working on it right now. I’ll be at San Diego Comicon to promote it, and hopefully a few shows closer to home too.


3) What is your favourite project to date, that you have been involved in?

I like different projects for different reason to be honest, so don’t necessarily have a favourite… I’m very fond of THE LOSERS, as it was our first job for DC and we were pretty much unknowns, so it could have gone either way. But writer Andy Diggle and I just gave it our all and luckily readers seemed to really like the title. It was adapted as a movie by Warner Brothers too, so all in all that first foray into the American market served us well. I’m massively proud of WYTCHES too, the creator owned horror series I’m currently working on with writer Scott Snyder for Image Comics. As well as being fairly dark and violent, it’s a very personal tale too in lots of ways, and we’ve both been surprised and grateful that the title has gone down so well… it depends on the project – I like them all for different reasons!


4) Can you recommend a read that you have not been directly involved in?

Okay, let’s go with an oldie — THE BALLAD OF HALO JONES from 2000AD, by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson… probably my favourite 2000AD story of all time.


If you’d like to see more of Jock’s incredible work, go to



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