Old man Logan issue 1

This story begins with Logan waking up on the sidewalk of  Times Square completely naked and confused as to where he is, who he is and how he got there. Logan looks around not recognizing anything and repeating the name “Scotty”.  An altercation with the N.Y.P.D. then ensues and Logan gets shot with a taser gun. Logan responds in anger and in doing so he begins to recount the events of what he’s done and the fate of his family, Logan pops his claws in a gorgeous two page panel. The police immediately recognize his claws but don’t believe it is Wolverine because he’s now older. Logan escapes from the police and tries to understand the situation he has been plunged into. He comes across a newspaper dated “2015” with the All new, All different Avengers on the front page. He then recollects The Avengers lying dead in a pit in the future wastelands and comes to the conclusion that he has been brought back in time before the villain uprising






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