February’s Recommended Read


This month I’ve chosen a recommended read that is very dear to my heart. The first time I came across this book was way back in school. A friend lent me one of his graphic novels and told me that I would love it. I did and It began a life long love affair with this particular medium.

The Watchmen has been the subject of countless essays and discussions since its first appearance. This Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons classic has also been named in the top 100 novels of the century by time magazine. Although It has been made into a feature film, please don’t judge the book on the movie – the book is far superior.

Set in the 1980’s, this fantastic story recounts what happens in the eight years following the outlawing of costumed vigilantes. This book is part murder-mystery and part political thriller, as America’s god-like creature, Dr Manhattan, leaves Earth whilst the Russians are playing games that threaten to bring the world to the brink of nuclear war. Meanwhile, someone is killing off the retired American costume heroes, one by one.



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